grand compounds

grand compounds
grand compounds
Grand, which is derived via French from Latin grandis meaning ‘full-grown’, is used in combination with other words to form words denoting (1) rank (grand duke), (2) family relationships involving a gap of more than one generation (grandmother), and other items involving large size or status (grand slam). Most of these compounds are now spelt either as one word (especially the relationships) or as two, although some of the relationship terms are also written with a hyphen. The following table shows the principal items:
ranks / grandma / grand master (chess) / grand duchy / grandmother / Grand National / grand duchess / grand nephew / grand opera / grand duke / grand niece / grand piano / family relationships / grandpa / Grand Prix / grand aunt / grandparent / grand slam (sport, bridge) / grandchild / grandson / grandstand / grandad / grand uncle / grand total / granddaughter / miscellaneous / grand tour / grandfather / grand jury / grand unified theory (physics)
Terms denoting family relationships are spelt with a capital initial (e.g. Grandma) when used as a form of address in letters etc.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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